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Holistic Holiday Gifts For Fido

December 15 2022
Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? We may not be super helpful in finding something for your aunt, but we can suggest some things for your dog! If you’re trying to live a greener, more natural lifestyle, as many of our clients are, read on! A Crown Point, IN suggests some great holistic gifts for Fido below.

Dog Treat Maker

Do you enjoy cooking? If you want to try making Fido’s snacks, consider getting a kitchen gadget made just for dog treats. These are similar to waffle makers, but have bone-shaped slots for you to pour batter into. As to what to include in your furry friend’s cookies? Ask your vet for recommendations.


Fido may not love his baths, but he enjoys feeling soft and clean. Paw care supplies, dental care products, pet wipes, new brushes … these things can all make great stocking stuffers! You may also want to change over to a natural, hypo-allergenic shampoo.

Dog Grass

Is your four-legged friend a puppy and/or incontinent? Consider getting a grass pad. This is also something you can put on a patio. That said, incontinence is definitely something to talk to your vet about. Give us a call today! 


Speaking of grass, did you know that you can find edible grass just for Fido? Just be sure to order products that were made specifically for dogs to eat. 


Supplements may not make a drastic, overnight change in your canine buddy’s health, but they do help. Of course, you’ll want to check with your vet, and find out what would be best for Fido. A senior dog may benefit from glucosamine, while a pooch with skin issues may do better on something different.


Many companies are now making pet supplies out of organic and/or sustainable materials. Fido may also enjoy a bamboo bowl, or a bed that is stuffed with hemp. There are also many toys that are free of harmful chemicals. Get into the habit of checking labels.


Clean water is crucial to both your health and your pup’s. Consider getting Fido a pet fountain. This can also help your furry pal stay hydrated. (Kitties may also enjoy pawing at the water, but that’s another topic.) Happy Holidays from all of us here at Southlake Animal Hospital, your Crown Point, IN pet clinic. We’re here to help!