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Holistic Holiday Pet Care

November 15 2022
The holidays are coming up quick! If you’re trying to embrace a holistic, healthy lifestyle, you may be moving away from many mainstream products and trappings, and opting for more natural options. You can also take steps to make the seasonal celebrations holistic and natural for your pet. A Crown Point, IN vet offers some tips on this below.


Your furry buddy definitely deserves a few special holiday gifts! Choose things that were made from natural, sustainable materials. That may mean checking labels, going through small, independent brands or retailers, or even making your own things from scratch.

Gift Ideas

Keep a holistic angle in mind when shopping. If your tap water isn’t great, consider getting a pet fountain with a filter on it. You may also want to replace some of your furry friend’s things with natural ones. For instance, upgrade Fido’s plastic dishes to bamboo ones, or get Fluffy a bed made from natural fabric.


Many decorations contain things like plastics and chemicals, which aren’t great for either you or your pet. Opt for natural materials as much as possible. Take care with plants, though: holly, ivy, lilies, and mistletoe are all toxic to pets!


Potpourri, sprays, and scented candles can all make your home smell cozy and inviting around the holidays. Be careful with these products! Strong perfumes can be hard on our animal companions. Plus, many sprays contain chemicals that aren’t safe for them. Certain essential oils, for instance, are actually toxic to pets.


Do you enjoy baking? There are plenty of great recipes for treats that you can make your four-legged pal using wholesome, organic ingredients. Just stick with ingredients you know are pet-safe. Don’t assume that all organic ingredients are fine. For instance, grapes and raisins are healthy for us, but are extremely poisonous for pets.


Holistic care entails the whole being, which includes mind, body, and spirit. That means protecting your animal companion from things like stress, depression, and loneliness. Changes, travel, guests, and even changes to schedule or environment can be hard on our furry pals. Take extra steps to keep those purrs and tail wags going! That may mean extra walks and play sessions, or perhaps putting a comfy bed in a quiet room when you have guests. As your Crown Point, IN pet clinic, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime!