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Ways To Recycle Pet Products

September 15 2022

World Environmental Health Day is coming up on September 26th. If you tell your furry friends about the many environmental issues that are plaguing the planet, you’ll probably just get a slow blink from Fluffy and a head tilt from Fido. However, this is one area where small changes can add up to big differences. One way to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint? Recycle! A Crown Point, IN vet offers some suggestions for this below.


Many animal shelters will accept furniture, beds, toys, and/or dishes. Just check with local spots to see what they are taking. There may still be restrictions in place due to Covid.

Grass Lawn

Is it time to replace the litterbox? Has your kitten moved up to a full-sized one? Clean the old one out, and then add soil and cat grass or wheatgrass seeds. Fluffy can have her own yard!

Recycle (Literally)

Many pet food cans and pouches can be recycled. You may even have the option of going through the brand. Some manufacturers have partnered with recycling companies to collect their products. Some use dropoff points, while others have mail-in options. 

Kitty Litter Containers

Do you get Fluffy’s litter in plastic buckets? There’s a whole slew of options for reusing these. First, you’ll need to wash the container. Then, you can paint it and/or add stencils or stickers. Once you’ve completed the glow up, you can use these as storage bins, trash cans, cubbies, or plant pots.

Plastic Objects

Many toys and dishes can also be recycled. The Good Housekeeping site has a handy guide on this here.


Did Fluffy turn her nose up at the food you put into her bowl? If you have a compost pile or bin, toss it into that instead of the trash. If you’re short on space, you can actually now buy countertop appliances that turn food scraps into compost with no noise or smell.


After brushing Fido or Fluffy, do you have enough fur to make a whole new pet? Don’t toss it into the trash! If put it on your lawn, birds may use it for nests. You may also find a yarn company that will spin it. If all else fails, put it in your garden!

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal hospital, today!

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