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Holistic Pet Care Tips

August 15 2022

Holistic Pet Day is August 30th! Here at Southlake, we offer both holistic and modern veterinary medicine. Of course, if you’re just starting out, you may find it a bit overwhelming, as there is so much to learn. A Crown Point, IN vet offers some advice on holistic pet care below. 

Do Your Research 

Holistic care incorporates many safe, natural practices, such as chiropractic and Chinese herbal medicine. However, that doesn’t mean one should assume that everything natural is safe, especially when it comes to pets. For instance, aromatherapy can be very helpful at soothing anxious pets. However, some essential oils, such as clove and peppermint, are toxic to animals. Don’t incorporate anything without first verifying that it’s safe for your furry friend. 

Talk To Your Vet 

Always consult your vet about any holistic practices you are incorporating into your pet’s home care routine, especially with things like herbs. Many natural remedies are safe, gentle, and effective. However, they may not play well with other medications. 

Be Open-Minded 

One benefit of holistic care is that it works well in conjunction with modern veterinary medicine. A dog with a broken leg may require surgery, which of course would fall under the modern-care umbrella. However, Fido’s recovery may go more quickly with the incorporation of things like acupuncture and massage. Be open to both options, or a custom mix of them. 

Make Positive Changes 

Holistic care is based on the word ‘whole’, meaning it is a wellness approach that incorporates the whole being: body, mind, and spirit. This applies to people and pets! Make sure that your furry pal is living their best life. Wellness care is of course a big part of that, but things like grooming, exercise, schedules, and product choices also factor in. Making small changes, like providing better water or opting for non-toxic cleaners, are little pieces of a much bigger picture.

Find Peace

You may have noticed that our feline friends are absolute masters of the art of zen, which includes important aspects of self-care, such as napping, stretching, and meditation. Take a cue from your kitty, and make time to relax and unwind with your furry bff. Quiet quality time will do you both good! 

Do you want to learn more about holistic pet care? Call us! As your local Crown Point, IN animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care.