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Autumn Pet Hazards

September 15 2021

We’re just a few days off from the original start of fall, and the stores are filling up with pumpkin-flavored everything. This is a fun time of year for our animal companions. However, you will need to take some precautions as temperatures start to drop. Like any other season, fall does present some specific hazards for our animal companions. A Crown Point, IN vet lists some major ones below.


The weather changes are the biggest concern. If you have a dog with thin fur, this is the time to make sure he has jackets or sweaters on hand. If you have a reptile, check your pet’s habitat settings, and make sure everything is functioning properly. You’ll also want to make sure you have a backup source of power. Most pets will also appreciate warm, comfy beds or hides to snuggle up in. We recommend keeping cats indoors, but if you do let Fluffy out, make sure she has an emergency shelter.


It’s going to start getting dark quite early. If you won’t be home before nightfall, turn a light and radio on for your pet before you leave, so they aren’t left in a dark, quiet house. If you have a dog, you’ll also want to make sure that Fido has a reflective leash and collar. You may want to start taking a flashlight with you.


Chemical ingestion is another concern. Antifreeze puddles, fertilizers, pesticides, and rodenticides are all poisonous to pets. Many people plant bulbed plants at this time of year: those are also toxic to pets. Ask your vet for more information.


At this time of year, critters of all types will be looking for places to hunker down. Keep up with your pet’s vaccines and parasite control. If you need to evict mice, squirrels, or other unwanted guests, use non-toxic options. Rodenticides and pesticides are just as dangerous for pets as they are for wild animals!


Keep your pet in mind as you decorate for the season. Candles and potpourri burners are one concern. Not only are they fire hazards, they also give off fumes that are toxic to birds. Anything small or sharp should also be kept in spots your animal companion can’t reach.

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