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Summer Care for Pocket Pets

July 15 2021

This summer is shaping up to be a scorcher! You may see lots of articles going by about how to keep your dog and cat safe, but what about smaller animals? Bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, and Guinea pigs can also be affected by the heat. A local Crown Point, IN vet offers a few care tips for these guys below.

 Cage Placement

Make sure your little buddy’s cage isn’t sitting in direct sunlight. They should also be in a room that has climate control.


As with larger animals, making sure your pint-sized pal is properly hydrated is extremely important. You may actually want to offer your tiny buddy two different water bottles. One you can just keep clean, cool water in. Freeze the other. Your pet will enjoy having a cold drink as the water melts.


Insulation doesn’t just help keep buildings warm: it can also keep them cooler. Look for a hidey hole that offers good insulation. You may want to use a larger one in summer, so it won’t trap as much body heat.

Cold Treats

Pets love cold treats just as much as we do. Many pocket pets can enjoy special snacks like frozen, chopped strawberries, melons, or blueberries. Every type of animal has different nutritional needs, so ask your vet about what is and is not appropriate for your tiny furball. 

Cooling Pads

Another thing you can do is offer your furry friend something cool to relax on. Put a towel in the freezer, or put a frozen water bottle next to their cage. Just don’t put anything in that your pet could possibly chew and ingest.

Curb Excursions

Keep the weather in mind when letting your little buddy out of their cage. If you sometimes let your bunny play in your yard, keep her indoors when it’s hot.

Warning Signs

Do some research, and learn the warning signs of dehydration and overheating. Some common ones are panting, drooling, and lethargy. If you notice these red flags, give your little buddy some cool water, take immediate steps to cool them off. You could wrap them in a damp towel, or point a fan at them. Contact your vet as you’re doing this for further instructions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Crown Point, IN animal clinic, we’re here to help!