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Gardening With Fido

April 1 2021

Spring is officially here! At this time of year, many people are happy to head outdoors and get some yard work done. If you have a canine companion, your pup will likely be more than happy to ‘assist’ you with your garden chores. Of course, while Fido may be an adorable helper, he’s not always all that helpful. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet discusses helping your pet coexist peacefully with your plants.

F  encing

Consider dividing your yard up into sections. Give Fido one area, and keep another for your plants. Make sure that your fencing is secure, and that your furry buddy can’t dig beneath it or jump over it. We also recommend getting a self-latching gate.

Ground Cover

Keep Fido in mind when choosing ground cover, or adding it to garden beds. Mulch is very popular, but it isn’t great for dogs: it can hide fleas and other critters, and also can cause paw splinters. Plus, some pups might try to eat it, which could be very dangerous. Cocoa mulch is particularly dangerous, as cocoa is toxic to pets.

Dangerous Plants

Keep in mind that not all plants are safe for Man’s Best Friend. Anything with a bulb, such as garlic, onions, daffodils, and tulips, is toxic to pups. You can find a full list of dangerous plants at the ASPCA website here . Put anything that isn’t safe in spots Fido can’t get to.

Planting Arrangement

Having trouble keeping Fido out of your garden beds? Put thicker plants around the edges. Put more delicate plants in the middle of the bed. Tiered beds can also help with this.


Once you have your yard divided up, you’ll want to plant some borders to separate Fido’s play area from the rest of your garden. You can use shrubs, benches, low fencing, raised beds, logs, or even plant pots.


One of the best ways to keep Fido out of trouble is just to make sure he’s occupied with something else. Before starting on your plant beds, tire your furry buddy out with a fun session of Fetch or Frisbee. If your canine buddy has burned off his zoomies by playing, he may be content to just hang out with you. Tired dogs are good dogs!

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