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COVID-19 Update

April 7 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed life in America in a very short time. Here at Southlake Animal Hospital, we are working hard to keep both our clients and our staff safe as we continue to provide excellent veterinary care.

We have implemented several new procedures and are also offering new options.

Here are some key points:


We are still open and we are seeing patients, including new clients. In fact, we can actually see your pet for any reason that you would normally bring them in for. However, we may have reduced hours for the duration of the pandemic.

For both your safety and ours, we ask that you avoid coming into the clinic if you are sick, have been in contact with sick people, have traveled within the last few weeks, or if you know or suspect that you may have been exposed. We also ask that you do not bring children, the elderly, or anyone who is immune compromised or otherwise at high risk into the clinic. Anyone who falls into those categories may wait in the car or, better yet, stay at home.

If your pet needs to be seen but you are unable or prefer not to come to the clinic, we can have someone pick up your pet and take him to the clinic. (Note: a $25 transportation fee applies.)

When you arrive, you will be immediately brought to an examination room. This is a bit different than how things normally run, but this is a measure we have taken to reduce the risk of infection to our staff and our clients. We are disinfecting each exam room from floor to ceiling in between patients. We are also cleaning door handles and surfaces frequently.

Please remain seated in the exam room for the duration of your appointment. We ask that you allow our staff to hold your pet during their examination. In accordance with the current guidelines set forth by the CDC, please stay at least 6 feet away from our staff and any other clients you may encounter.

This is all new to us as well. However, as always, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns about your pet’s diet, health, or care needs. You can call us during normal business hours or message us at [email protected] . Our staff will relay messages between you and Dr. Carlson.


Many businesses have adopted curbside pickup policies in order to reduce physical contact and maintain social distancing. To that effect, we are also offering drop-off curbside. If you prefer this option, please let the staff know when you schedule your appointment.


Our staff members are wearing masks to protect both our clients and ourselves. You are welcome—and in fact encouraged—to wear one as well. You may find a tutorial from the surgeon general on making a simple cloth mask here .

We also have reusable cloth personal protection equipment (PPE). This will not cause a shortage in the human hospitals.


As you likely know, staying home and reducing social contact is crucial to slowing the spread of Covid-19. We know that many of you are unable or reluctant to leave your homes for veterinary appointments.

With that in mind, we are now offering telemedicine consultations and virtual chats. There is a small fee, but you will also receive discounted exam fees.

To request a telemedicine consultation, please call us during normal business hours. You can also use our app for scheduling.

A few minutes before your appointment, click on this link to join our virtual waiting room.

Once payment has been made, Dr. Carlson will join you in the virtual exam room.

After Hours

You may also use our chat if you have a question or concern after hours or on a weekend. Click here to join our virtual waiting room. Dr. Carlson will respond if she is available.

Please keep in mind that Dr. Carlson may not be able to access your pet’s medical records, and therefore may need to ask some questions about your pet’s diet and medications.


While we do not anticipate having to completely shut down, we do want everyone to be prepared in case it does happen. At this time, we are advising our clients to keep at least a 2-week supply of medicine and supplements.

You may order grab-n-go refills of supplements and herbs using our app. In fact, if your order is over $25, you will receive a $5 discount.

Follow these steps to create your order:

You may also have conventional medications delivered to your home for a small fee. This may be done using our online VetStore. You may access the VetStore through this link or though the app. As with the pickup option, you’ll want to create an account if you haven’t already. You should be able to navigate the site easily as far as ordering the products you need. Just be sure to choose ‘Delivery.’.


Unfortunately, emergencies will still happen, regardless of the pandemic. If you have an emergency, contact the clinic right away at 219-942-0909. If you do not hear back within 15 minutes and/or must get through immediately, contact Animal Urgent Care at 219-310-8315.

Holistic Consultations

As mentioned above, we are still accepting new clients. We are also offering new patient holistic consultations for those with a diagnosis from their pet’s regular vet.

To schedule a consultation, you’ll need to contact the office and set up a virtual exam following the steps in the Telemedicine segment above. Please have your pet’s medical records sent to us a week before your appointment. You’ll also need to fill out our new client and holistic intake forms, which you may find on our homepage. Be as thorough as possible when filling out these forms.

Payment will be due at the time of service. There will be additional fees for medicines, herbs, and supplements.

Also, keep in mind that we may recommend services that will require you to bring your pet into the office.


Although we are not currently offering full grooming, we can perform specific grooming services, often called medical grooming. This includes nail trims, anal gland expression, trimming feet, shaving potty patches, and/or trimming fur around the eyes. Call to schedule an appointment.

(Note: while our canine patients would probably be thrilled to be off the hook for getting bathed, it is important to keep up with their grooming needs. Bathe Fido at home for the time being.)


We understand that many people are struggling financially at this time. To help mitigate that, we are offering care credit and scratch pay, which allow payments to be made over time.

Chiropractor Classes

Dr. Carlson’s chiropractor classes are being put on hold for the time being. These will resume once it is deemed safe to travel for educational purposes.

We Are Hiring!

We are going to be bringing in another technician and a part-time veterinarian with a focus on holistic medicine. If you know someone who would be a good fit for us, please let them know! Resumes can be emailed to [email protected]

Stay Healthy

One thing that is very important is keeping up with your own physical and emotional well-being. We have elderberry syrup, fresh kefir, and colloidal silver spray in stock for our clients. We know that our patients want their humans to stay healthy!


Animal charities are really struggling during this difficult time. If you can, please consider making a donation. While we’re happy to see any animal rescue getting aid, we’re hoping to specifically help the 2×2 Rescue or Feline Community Network to keep them going. If you donate $20 or more in money, food, or supplies to these organizations, you’ll get a 1 stamp reward on our app rewards program!


At these times, it’s also important to take care of your own mental and emotional health. Pets are great for this! If you have a dog, take Fido for some long walks, and get some fresh air and sunshine. If you have a cat, play with and cuddle your feline pal daily. Our animal companions can be a huge source of comfort in troubled times!

In closing, we just want to note that at times like these, it’s important to be grateful for what we do have. We are thankful for all of you, and also for pets!  We also wish to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during these difficult times.

This, too, will pass. All of us here at Southlake Animal Hospital are very much looking forward to the day when this pandemic is in the rear-view mirror. Until then, we hope that all of you (and your pets) stay safe and healthy. Please give your pet some extra attention, and perhaps an extra treat or two from us.

As always, please feel free to call us with any questions. Remember, we are all in this together!