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New Year’s Resolutions For Kittens

January 1 2020

Happy New Year! Are you starting the new year out with a kitten? If so, you’re in for some adorable moments in the next 12 months! This year will be a crucial one in your pet’s life. A Crown Point, IN vet lists some of the things on little Fluffy’s 2020 agenda below.

Take Control Of The Household

Kittens are small, but they have big personalities. It’s hard not to melt when looking into little Fluffy’s adoring gaze. Your furball may very well have you wrapped around her tiny paws by the end of the year!

Master All Those Claws And Teeth

Your adorable feline friend is a predator by nature. Little Fluffy will spend a good amount of time trying to purrfect that pounce. Give her lots of toys to play with, and teach her proper petiquette by discouraging rough play.

Make Mischief

You can likely expect some kitten shenanigans this year. Make sure that your home is safe for your little bundle of fur. Remove or secure anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, chemicals, medication, and anything small or sharp.


Kitties are super curious. Little Fluffy will investigate every nook and cranny of her new domain in 2020. Make sure to keep your tiny explorer safe! Check and make sure your doors and screens close securely, and block off spaces behind and beneath furniture and cabinets. Also, keep major appliances closed when not in use.


Little Fluffy’s adorable toddler phase won’t last long. Your pet has a lot of growing to do over the next year. Start your kitten out on the right paw by introducing her to her vet right away. Exams, vaccinations, microchipping, parasite control, and spay/neuter surgery should all on be on your furball’s 2020 agenda.


Your pint-sized pal will spend a chunk of the new year sleeping. Kittens can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Give little Fluffy lots of comfy beds to look adorable in.

Work On My Roar

Fluffy’s feeble mews are beyond adorable. Your furry pal will outgrow her baby voice quickly, so enjoy it while you can!

Happy New Year From all of us here at Southlake Animal Hospital P.C., your Crown Point, IN vet clinic. Please feel free to contact us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2020 and beyond.