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Eco-Friendly Pet Care

December 1 2019

With climate change in the news every day, many people are making efforts to be more eco-friendly in their day-to-day lives. One way to do this is to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet offers some tips on how to green your pet care routine.


Is your dog ignoring that new toy you bought him? Did your cat turn her nose up at the kitty tent you got her? Don’t throw unused items away: donate them to shelters.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is cheaper, and will reduce the amount of packaging you use. Consider buying larger sizes of things like kitty litter and kibble. Don’t buy too much kibble, though: you don’t want it to go bad before you can use it.

Shop Wisely

Get into the habit of reading labels on pet products. Choose products that support sustainable manufacturing and use wholesome, natural ingredients. Also, when you can, opt for products made locally.

Clean Up

Did you know that dog feces can contaminate local water sources? Make sure to pick up after Fido! Using biodegradable bags will also help the environment.

Fix Your Furry Pals

Pet overpopulation is a serious problem, and one of the main reasons there are so many homeless dogs and cats in shelters. Make sure that your four-legged pals don’t contribute to these numbers by having unwanted litters.

Use Towels

When you are cleaning up after your furry friend, use washable towels instead of napkins or paper towels. This will also save you some money!

Reusable Bags

When you go shopping for pet stuff—or anything else—get into the habit of bringing reusable bags with you. Every little bit helps.


Did you know that you can make many of your pet’s playthings yourself? You can find instructions online for making everything from rope toys to cat towers. This is a great way to repurpose your old stuff.

Avoid Chemicals

Opt for green, eco-friendly products when choosing cleaning agents and other household products. Or, make your own!

Pet-Safe Plants

Set some pet-safe plants out around your home. They’ll not only make your place look nice, they will also filter the air! You can find a complete list at the ASPCA site here.

Please contact us, your Crown Point, IN vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!