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Keeping Pets Safe on Trick-or-Treat Night

October 15 2019

Trick-or-treat night is coming up fast. If you have younger children, you know they’re looking forward to the evening. Even if you don’t, it’s great fun to hand out candy to eager trick-or-treaters. Someone who can get forgotten in this equation is your pet! Keep your dog or cat safe on trick-or-treat night with these tips from a Crown Point, IN vet:


There will be plenty of chocolate treats floating around during Halloween season, and on trick-or-treat night specifically. As you probably know, chocolate is a big no-no for your animal companion. Chocolate of all types—milk, dark, white, semi-sweet, even baking chocolate—contains caffeine and theobromine, two chemicals that don’t mix well with our four-legged friends. Make sure your pet doesn’t get their paws on chocolate goodies or foods made with chocolate!


Not only can hard candy present a choking hazard to your pet, many sweet treats are made with a sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol is okay for humans to consume, but it’s very toxic for our pets. That’s because your pet’s pancreas mistakes it for real sugar, releasing insulin and causing a dramatic and sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Even small amounts of xylitol can lead to serious symptoms and can even cause coma and death if a pet isn’t treated quickly. Keep your pet far away from the treat bowl!

Costume Safety

It’s a lot of fun to dress your pet up in their very own Halloween costume, and it’s sure to impress trick-or-treaters coming to your door. Just keep in mind that not every pet is keen on wearing clothing. It can stress some pets out greatly, especially if clothing is too tight-fitting or too baggy. Plus, your pet’s costume could have small plastic parts or metal zippers that could be chewed off, swallowed, or choked on. Check the costume for any hazards, and do a trial run before trick-or-treat night to make sure your pet is comfortable.


Keep in mind that on trick-or-treat night, your front door is going to be opening frequently as trick-or-treaters arrive. Couple that with the fact that many pets go wild when the doorbell rings, and you have a recipe for an escaped pet. If your pet is the excitable type who might dart out of the open door, secure him safely to avoid the risk.

Call your Crown Point, IN veterinarian for more tips.