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7 Ways to Prevent Kitty Obesity

January 15 2019

Did you know that over half of our feline pals are obese? This is quite concerning! Chubby cats may be cute, but they face some very serious health issues. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet offer tips on keeping kitties at a healthy weight.

Serving Sizes

Did you know that giving your cat just ten calories too much every day can cause her to gain a pound a year? That may not be much for a person, but for a kitty, it’s actually quite significant. Pay attention to your furry buddy’s portion sizes. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. You’ll be less likely to be guilted into giving your furball too much food if you know she’s eating what she should.

Be Choosy With Kibble

There are definitely some advantages to giving Fluffy dry food. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and doesn’t make much of a mess. However, some kinds of kibble—especially lower-quality brands—contain high amounts of carb-heavy fillers, which can be fattening.

Resist The Meow

Cats are very, very cute. They are fully aware of this, and often use it to their advantage, purrticularly when it comes to food. Don’t let your furball cajole you into overfeeding her!


Exercise is just as important for kitties as it is for people. Take time to play with your furry pal daily. Make playtime interactive by using toys that you can control, like a wand toy or laser pointer. Even a few minutes of jumping and pouncing will be beneficial for Fluffy.


Just like people, cats sometimes snack out of boredom. Make sure your kitty has plenty of entertainment options to occupy herself with. Great window views are a must. Fluffy also enjoys having boxes and paper bags to explore and pet-safe plants to nibble on.


Have you ever thought you were hungry, only to realize that you were actually just thirsty? This can happen with cats, too. Make sure Fluffy always has fresh, clean water. Some kitties prefer drinking running water, so you may want to get your pet a cat fountain.


Weighing Fluffy regularly will help you track changes in her weight. We recommend weighing yourself first. Then, pick your kitty up and weigh yourself again to get your pet’s weight.

Please contact us, your Crown Point, IN vet clinic, with any questions about your cat’s health or care.