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5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Your Cat

March 1 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, our feline friends can be a little mysterious and aloof. There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to cats! Don’t believe everything you hear—learn more below from a Crown Point, IN veterinarian.

Cats Love Milk

This is a half-truth. Cats may love lapping up milk, yes. However, it’s really not a good idea to feed milk to your cat! The vast majority of adult cats are lactose-intolerant, just like some humans can be. This means that they don’t possess enough lactase in the gastrointestinal system to properly digest lactose, milk’s main enzyme. Too much milk, and your cat will most likely experience an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea!

All Cats Love Catnip

Did you know that not all cats will respond to catnip? It requires a certain gene, inherited from both of a cat’s parents, to cause the chemical reaction in a cat’s brain that happens when they’re given catnip. If your feline friend doesn’t possess this gene, catnip will have virtually no effect!

Cats Are Fine By Themselves for a Few Days

Although cats are a bit more independent than our canine companions, that doesn’t mean they’re fine on their own for more than a small period of time. If you’re going to be gone from your home for two full days or longer, you’ll want to have someone check in on your cat. Fluffy’s food and water dishes may need refilled, or her litterbox may need cleaning.

Cats Purr When Happy

This is also only half-true. While cats do often purr when they’re feeling happy or contented, it doesn’t mean that those are the only feelings that purring conveys. Experts believe that your cat may purr to indicate stress, anger, anxiety, and even fear in addition to positive emotions! Ask your vet for further insight into your cat’s unique vocalizations and behavior.

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

This is a dangerous myth—cats don’t always land upright on their feet, and they can slip and fall like anyone else! It turns out that shorter falls are even more dangerous, because a cat might not have time to right themselves before impacting the ground. If your cat lounges by an open window, make sure there is a solid screen there to prevent falls.

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