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6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Purring

September 15 2017

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Of course, we think kitties deserve to be happy and healthy all year! However, this is a great time to talk about Fluffy’s care needs, and what it takes to keep her content. Here, a Crown Point, IN vet discusses keeping your cat purring.


Mental stimulation is very important to Fluffy’s health. After all, cats can’t spend all their time sleeping and eating. Offer your furball a comfy window seat, so she can watch birds and squirrels. If your kitty stays home while you go to work, keep a TV or radio playing softly, and leave a light on for her.


While Fluffy will somehow manage to get comfortable on your bed, chair, or sofa, she’ll really benefit from having some kitty furniture. We recommend getting your pet a good cat tower. This will offer her a napping spot, scratching post, and high vantage point, all in one. Cat tents or tipis are also great. Of course, many cats also love plain cardboard boxes.


Even if Fluffy has no idea how to actually catch a mouse, or what to do with one if she did, she’ll still be instinctively driven to pounce, jump, and stalk things. Give your adorable little predator plenty of fun toys to practice on, and play with her every day.

Veterinary Care

We know, visiting us is not exactly Fluffy’s favorite thing to do. Given the option, your furball would no doubt rather take another nap, or groom herself yet again. However, your feline buddy will definitely feel the benefits of proper veterinary care. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on your kitty’s diet and grooming needs, either: that’s what we’re here for!

Safe Haven

Kittyproof your home by removing potentially dangerous objects, such as toxic plants; chemicals; and small or sharp objects. We also strongly advise keeping your cat indoors. To offer Fluffy the best of both worlds, turn a patio or spare room into a catio by adding beds, toys, and pet-safe plants. Check the ASPCA website for suggestions.


Last but not least, pay lot of attention to Fluffy. Cats need to feel loved to truly be happy!

Do you need to make an appointment for your kitty? Call us, your Crown Point, IN pet hospital, today!