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Meet the Irish Setter

March 15 2017

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, you may be seeing lots of four-leafed clovers and leprechaun trappings around over the next few days. This is a great time to put the spotlight on one of the cutest pups around: the Irish Setter! Read on as a Crown Point, IN vet discusses this wonderful and loyal breed.


Setters are not small dogs: they are usually about two feet high at the shoulder, and typically weigh around 65 pounds. They live, on average, about 12 to 14 years. They are quite trainable, though long sessions can bore them.


Originally bred as hunting dogs, Irish Setters have been around for quite some time. Back in 1812, the Earl of Enniskillen declared he didn’t want any other dogs: nothing but Setters would do! The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1878.


Irish Setters are very active and frisky. Many of them keep a puppy mentality long after they’ve reached their adult size, and it isn’t uncommon for them to enjoy splashing in mud puddles. They do wonderfully with kids, though they do need lots of exercise and stimulation. Setters are generally very lovable and friendly. In fact, they’ve been known to bowl their human buddies over with their affectionate greetings!


Setters were bred to hunt, so they love sniffing around to see what is nearby. In order to keep your pet safe, it’s very important to teach him doggy obedience commands. The command to Come is particularly important: Fido is rather prone to chasing squirrels, so you want to be sure he’ll return when called.


As you may know, these friendly, smart pups are easily distinguished by their silky red fur. That pretty coat does need regular brushing: without proper attention, Fido’s fur will get matted and tangled. These lovable pooches have floppy ears, which can be prone to infections if not kept clean, so it’s very important to take good care of your Setter’s ears. Ask your vet for specific care and grooming requirements.


If you have an Irish Setter, don’t forget to give your canine buddy something special on St. Patrick’s Day. Fido may not know—or care—about the holiday, but he’ll definitely appreciate being spoiled a bit!

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