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Adopting a Senior Dog

November 1 2016

November is officially Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This is a great cause, and one that we are happy to support. Older animals often have a very hard time finding loving forever homes, in part because many people just don’t realize what wonderful pets they are! Read on as a local Crown Point, IN vet discusses adopting a senior dog.

Benefits of Adopting Older Dogs

Dogs in their golden years have some very special and charming traits that make them great pets. Older dogs often develop a very sweet and lovable demeanor that many people really enjoy. They also don’t need as much room or activity as younger pups, and are less prone to many destructive habits, like digging or chewing. Another great thing about senior dogs is that they are often already trained. Being able to skip the housebreaking stage is definitely a bonus! Last but not least, senior pets are super cute.

Getting Ready

Before you bring your new canine buddy home, you’ll need to pick up some supplies. Keep your pet’s age in mind when you go shopping. Older dogs often get stiff and sore, so Fido will be much more comfortable on a good, orthopedic doggy mattress. Your furry friend may find it easier to eat from raised dishes, which won’t strain his neck or back. Food, toys, treats, grooming supplies, and a leash and collar should also be on your list. If your four-legged pal has thin fur, he may also need some doggy clothes to keep him warm in winter.

Helping Fido Settle In

When you first bring Fido home, set him up in a quiet back room with all of his things. Going to a new household is a huge change for dogs! Giving your furry buddy a quiet, comfy place to relax and settle in will make the transition easier for him. We strongly recommend scheduling a veterinary appointment, so you can address any medical issues and get specific care recommendations. Aside from that, just give your canine friend time to adjust. Offer your adorable pet lots of toys, treats, and ear scritches, and take him for some nice, relaxing strolls. Senior dogs still have plenty of tail wags and doggy kisses, and just want someone to share them with!

Does your senior dog need veterinary care? Please contact us, your local Crown Point, IN animal clinic, anytime!