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Household Hazards for Birds

August 1 2016

Have you recently adopted a bird? Our feathered friends can make very cute and charming pets. Polly may be small, but she fits a lot of personality into that tiny package. As a good bird owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your little buddy happy, healthy, and safe. It’s very important for you to be aware of some of the things that can endanger your cute little pet. Read on as a local Crown Point, IN vet lists some common household dangers for birds.


Fans are extremely dangerous to your winged pal. Be sure to turn all fans off before letting Polly out to play.


Birds may love playing in birdbaths, but most pet birds can’t swim, which makes water very hazardous for them. Full pots of water, filled sinks and tubs, and open toilets are all dangerous to Polly.


Household cleaning agents, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, medicines, and glue are a few examples of items that are toxic to birds.


Birds have extremely sensitive lungs. Polly could get sick from breathing vapors that are harmless and/or unnoticeable to us. Cooking fumes, perfumes, cigarette smoke, aerosols, scented candles, and the fumes from automotive products and household cleaners are all toxic to our feathered friends.

Small Items

Birds are both curious and playful. Polly may want to investigate small objects that look like they could be either tasty or fun. This can be very dangerous! Keep small items, such as coins, buttons, safety pins, tacks, jewelry, and keys, away from your cute pet.


Birds often don’t recognize mirrors and windows as barriers, and can seriously hurt themselves by flying into them. Window treatments, such as blinds, are also hazardous.


Candles and pets are never a good combination. Not only are the fumes dangerous, your feathered pal could burn herself or even start a fire!

Other Pets

Fido and Fluffy make wonderful companions, but they can seriously hurt a little bird. Even if your pets get along, it’s better to be safe than sorry: all it takes is one swipe of a paw to cause a serious injury.


Strings and ropes are also dangerous for your colorful buddy. It’s very easy for Polly to get tangled up!

Do you have any questions about your bird’s health or care? Contact us, your local Crown Point, IN animal clinic, today!