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Hazardous Spots in the Home for Pets

November 1 2015

The inside of your home is the safest place for your pet to be, all things considered. With that being said, there are a few hazard zones to stay mindful of! Learn about them below from your Crown Point, IN veterinarian.

The Kitchen

Of course, your kitchen is chock-full of foods that pets shouldn’t have. The list of toxic human foods includes grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, avocado, onions, chives, garlic, salt, alcohol and foods cooked with alcohol, and many more. Kitchens also contain lots of sharp objects, from knives to graters to metal can lids, and hot surfaces like stovetops, toasters, and coffeepots that pets could burn themselves on.

Supply Closets

Your supply closet is a haven of potential pet poisons; just about every product in it contains at least one ingredient that may poison a pet. From ammonia to bleach to standard household cleaners, these products must be kept sealed and stored inside of a locked closet or cabinet. Some pets could chew through plastic caps and get at the contents inside, so keep the door closed and locked when you’re not using the chemicals inside.

The Laundry Room

Some pets—typically our feline friends—may enjoy jumping into an open washer or dryer unit to bed down in the warm clothing. If the door were to be shut and the unit started with the pet still inside, the results will be deadly. To be safe, don’t leave the doors to your automatic washer or dryer open, and always check before starting the device.


Does your pet like to lounge on a windowsill to soak up rays from the open window? During the warmer times of the year, this can be hazardous. If the window’s screen isn’t sturdy, a pet could fall out, potentially injuring themselves quite severely. Before allowing your pet to spend time on windowsills, make sure all screens in your home’s windows are solid.


Fireplaces, as well as portable heaters, can sometimes cause problems for our pets. For one, it’s quite easy for them to accidentally swipe a tail into the flame or onto the hot surface, causing burns. Secondly, pets sometimes lie too close to these devices to keep warm, singing their fur or causing painful blisters. Take care not to let your pet get too close.

If your pet needs professional veterinary attention, call your Crown Point, IN animal hospital today.