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Pet Safety for Springtime

June 1 2015

Like any season, spring brings with it a host of health hazards for our furry friends. As the weather warms and the buds bloom, make sure your dog or cat stays safe—learn how below from a Merrillville, IN veterinarian.

Preventative Medications

With spring comes the onslaught of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, worms, and other pests that like to attack our animal companions. Prevent the danger by keeping your pet on high-quality preventative medications, usually applied monthly or every few months. Consult your veterinary professional for further advice on the right pest preventatives for your pet.

Allergy Relief

Pets can suffer from allergies just the way humans can; often, pets react to the same pollen, dust, dirt, dander, and other common allergens that we do. If you notice your pet sniffling and sneezing more than usual this season, let your veterinarian know. With proper medication and restricted access to the offending allergen, pets’ allergy symptoms can be relieved so that they can get back to feeling like themselves.

Caution with Pesticides

This is typically the season in which homeowners begin to use pesticides and other chemicals on lawns and gardens. Remember that these chemicals can be very dangerous to house pets. Never spray chemicals while your pet is outdoors; lock them up inside until all spraying is completed. Also be sure not to let your pet come in contact with chemically treated grass or plant life.

Spring Cleaning Safety

Keep in mind that many common spring-cleaning products, like multi-purpose household cleaners, bleaches, solvents, and even air fresheners, can prove harmful to pets. Don’t leave chemical products lying around where pets could come into contact with them. Instead, store such products on the highest shelf of your cleaning cabinet or closet. It may also be prudent to keep your pet in another room while you’re using potentially hazardous cleaners.

Window Hazards

When the weather warms, veterinarians typically see a spike in fall-related injuries. This is because many pets enjoy lounging by open windows, and can accidentally fall out if the screen is broken or missing. Serious damage, including broken bones and internal injury, can result from falls, so check your home’s window screens carefully before opening the windows.

Would you like more helpful springtime safety tips to keep your beloved pet safe this season? Give your Merrillville, IN vet’s office a call today to find out about more.