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Parakeet Care Tips

April 15 2015

Have you decided to get a pet parakeet? Parakeets, or budgies, are among the most popular pet birds. These colorful, smart, sweet little ones can make absolutely wonderful pets! In this article, a local Merrillville veterinarian discusses caring for parakeets.


These colorful little creatures can be very sociable. Keep in mind that if you want your pet to bond to you, you’ll want to get only one bird. If you want Polly to have some company, you can get two birds. Just keep in mind they will become closer to one another than to you. Another thing to keep in mind is that, while every bird is different, females are usually more aggressive than males.


Feed your budgie a good, high-quality parakeet food. You’ll be able to find commercial bird food in both seed and pellet forms. Both are acceptable, though they each have pros and cons. Be sure to make any changes to your pet’s diet very slowly. You may want to start out feeding Polly the same food she was being given previously. Your pet can enjoy many treats, such as fruits, veggies, certain nuts and seeds, and pasta. Just do plenty of research before introducing anything new, to be sure it is safe.


Getting your parakeet a large, comfortable cage is one of the most important things you can do for your winged pal’s well-being. Polly’s cage should be, at the very least, 14″ l x 11″ w x 12″ h, but get the largest one you can afford. Make sure the bars are less than ½ inch wide, and that they are not coated with any toxic materials, such as lead. Choosing the right place for the cage is also very important!


You’ll need to pick up several accessories, including food and water dishes. Polly will also need several perches, as well as swings and ladders. Cuttlebones and mineral treats are highly recommended, as they will help keep your bird’s beak healthy. Your feathered pal will also need many, many toys. Birds are playful, intelligent, and curious, and these enchanting creatures don’t do well with boredom. Bells, rings, chew toys, and balls are all good choices, but feel free to experiment to find out what Polly likes best.

If you have any questions about caring for a budgie, contact us, your Merrillville veterinary clinic. We are here to help!