Do you need someone to look after your animal family member the next time you have to leave town?

Why not trust the skilled, compassionate team at Southlake Animal Hospital? We’ve got all of the care, amenities and perks needed to become your loved one’s home away from home. Our full service boarding includes comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, daily exercise and plenty of TLC from our loving staff members.  We here at Southlake Animal Hospital is happy to board current patients’ pets while they travel.

Our goal at Southlake Animal Hospital is to provide a happy and safe place for your pet to stay while you are away. Our staff is part of a medical team and is trained to notice subtle signs of discomfort or illness. They can alert one of our veterinarians should your pet need medical attention, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing your pet is in excellent care.

The entire facility is temperature controlled to provide year-round comfort. All dogs are exercised individually on a leash in a fenced in area 4 times daily. Dogs in the same family are exercised together. All guests are housed separately indoors where they can interact with our staff frequently throughout the day. While guests are never in direct contact with other pets, they can visually socialize with one another.

We provide high quality pet food and treats twice a day and fresh water is always available. If your pet is on a special diet or specific preferred food, you may bring that along and we will be happy to accommodate. We can also administer any medications your pet may be taking.

For the safety and comfort of our staff and other guests, we require all animals be up to date on all required vaccinations upon arrival and currently clients of Southlake Animal Hospital. All pets must also be free of any parasites. Should you need any of these things taken care of, simply give us a call in advance of your pet’s scheduled stay. We can get your loved one prepared for a safe, healthy and fun visit with us! If you’d like a tour of our boarding facility, just ask! We’d be happy to show you around!

Traveling can be stressful enough without the added worry of how your pet is doing in your absence. Let our boarding services help you enjoy your time away. Contact us today to schedule your companion’s next stay with us!