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8 Purrfect Reasons To Celebrate Black Cats

October 15 2022
Black Cat Day is October 27th! Black cats are a very popular Halloween motif. Unfortunately for Fluffy, this really isn’t a good thing. Black cats have long been the subject of superstition. They’re often considered unlucky, and have unfairly been associated with witches and witchcraft. That’s just not right! A Crown Point, IN vet lists some reasons to celebrate black cats in this article.

They’re Really Cute

Black cats almost always look shiny, because of the reflective nature of that dark fur. (Fun fact: Fluffy’s coat is actually dark brown.)

Void Kitty Photos

Fluffy always takes great pictures. However, she’s extra cute when she’s wearing all black and you can only see her eyes.

They Have Trouble Finding Homes

Those old superstitions have unfortunately caused some real world issues for Fluffy. Black cats take longer to get adopted than other kitties. They also make up the largest percentage of shelter cats.

They Bring Fortune

Not all the myths around black cats are bad. In fact, Fluffy is thought to bring good fortune in both Japan and Scotland!

They Need The Love

Fluffy may not be bad luck, but she definitely has bad luck. A study from showed that black cats had the highest rate of euthanasia and the lowest adoption rates.

They’re Lucky!

Here in the West, it’s often considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. In Germany, however, it just depends on which direction Fluffy is headed. If she’d going from right to left, it’s still considered a bad omen. But if she’s going the other way, it’s good luck. (We’re not sure what happens if she’s zigzagging.)

They Match Anything

No matter what style you prefer for your home décor, a black cat will go great with it. Fluffy can stand out in a white room, or be hidden in a dark one.

Kitty Of Kings

Black cats have made a few fans along the way. One interesting story about Fluffy involves England’s King Charles I. The monarch had a black cat, whom he was apparently quite fond of. He also was convinced the kitty brought him luck. It seems he wasn’t wrong, as he was arrested by Oliver Cromwell for treason on the same day his feline pal died. Do you have questions about caring for your black cat? Contact us, your Crown Point, IN animal clinic!